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AG1 LR621 SR621SW Battery Equivalents

The AG1 battery is the alkaline version of this button battery. It has a diameter of 6.8mm and a height of 2.1mm and a nominal voltage of 1.5V. Other alkaline names include LR621 and LR60. The silver oxide version has the exact same dimensions but is referred to as SR60, SR621SW, SR621 or number 364 watch battery. Below we have curated a list of equivalent batteries which are interchangeable. The alkaline batteries are not suitable for watch batteries even though they are much cheaper you should opt for silver oxide.

AG1 Battery Equivalents and Cross Reference

lr621 alkaline battery
lr621 alkaline battery
  • LR60
  • 080-D29
  • G1A
  • L621
  • LR620
  • LR621
  • LR621W


SR621SW Battery Equivalents and Cross Reference

  • 164, 364, CX60, D364, E364, GP364, S621E, SA621SW, SB-DG, SB-AG, SG1, SP364, SR60, SR60L, SR620SW, SR621, SR621SW, SR621W, V364, V531, W1V, 364A, 364B
SR621SW Cross Reference and Equivalent Batteries
SR621SW Cross Reference and Equivalent Batteries

Alkaline AG1 nominal voltage is 1.5 volts but through use the voltage drops quickly. The cut off voltage is 0.9 volts. Some devices have their own cut off voltage and could be 1 or 1.2V. With a average capacity of 12-15mAh these alkaline button batteries are mostly used for small electronics that require very tiny amounts of power and where constant voltage is not important.

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